Now that the posted invitations have started arriving I can upload them here for you to see! The reply postcards are as they were in one of the first posts on this blog. The actual invitations were going to be hand stamped with a rubber stamp set but after a while we decided that it didn’t look as good as we’d hoped. We settled for stamping the addresses on the envelopes (which is why, for those of you who received them, they looked like a child had gone at them with their first felt tip).

Thanks to a public printer and some bargain card/envelope sets our home made invitations were as thrifty as the rest of the show! I drew the design on the front. Here it is (print screen from photoshop):


For those who don’t know, this is basically our kitchen. They are my wellies and Jenny’s eskimo boots, our tap is wonky and there are mountains outside. It’s our life postcard sized!

This was my first real bash at Adobe Illustrator. Let me know what you think!


Hopeful Etsy search

So I’ve done a few searches on Etsy for ideas for favours and come up with some good plans. Today I decided to search “lesbian wedding”. Let me tell you there are some horrific designs floating around out there. I’m officially vetoing anything with a rainbow flag on it.

Things like this are not quite to my taste:

However, I did find some interesting things. Well I found two things I actually liked. The first is this card. I think it’s a cool idea well done:

There’s also this bag which I find hilarious.

It won't be a charming marriage, I can't afford a carriage...

You’ll be disappointed to know that I can’t afford to buy everyone one of these and there are no rainbow flags on our invitations. Once I’m happy with the invitations I’ll upload them but for now, I leave you with beauty, the “lady friends” card: