Taking it to the government

Last week I sent this email to our local MP, Hywel Williams of Plaid Cymru:

Hi Hywel,

I live in Arfon and have heard only good things about you and the way you engage with the people you represent. I know you have a strong record of supporting equality and want to add my voice to those calling for marriage equality.

As someone who is organising a civil partnership for this summer I can tell you that although the law allows for gay couples’ rights, navigating the system we have to work within is very strange and unwelcoming. Having compared my own experience to the process of arranging a marriage I am left quite dissatisfied with the provisions made for same sex couples.

I would be interested to know where you stand on the subject of ‘gay marriage’.
I’m sure you’re aware that same sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Mexico City, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and six US States.
I believe it is up to community leaders to lead the way on equality and encourage colleagues to do the same.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Today I received this reply:
Thank you for your email about marriage equality.
I think that we agree entirely on the issue of same sex marriage.  The opponents clearly believe in marriage.  It seems peculiar therefore that they wish to deny that status to people of the same sex.  Furthermore, I have found some of the comments of the opponents to be totally repugnant.  The other day I heard one comparing same sex marriage to people wanting to marry their pets!
I have to say though that I do find myself in strange company on this issue, in that for the very first time I will probably be supporting Mr Cameron and a fairly substantial section of his party!
Please feel free to contact me again on this or any other matter.
Best Wishes
Yours sincerely
Hywel Williams
I love it when politicians don’t suck! What a novel feeling being represented by someone who shares my view!

6 thoughts on “Taking it to the government

  1. It’s refreshing attitude both the reply and the fact that some politicians are prepared to do the right thing regardless of who is passing the bill (and yes I have no love for this bloody Tory government, but what really hurts is the lib dems supporting all the Tory shit). I hope when the bill passes they offer civil partnership couples the option to upgrade to marriage without having to pay a year’s wages to do it (then again knowing the torries, that’s what probably they’ll do).

    • Have you contributed to the consultation? I actually thought it was quite good. Here’s the link if not, it has a link to a petition and to email you MP too: http://www.c4em.org.uk/
      I feel like this is priming us for some atom bomb that’s coming, I can’t figure out why the Tories are all over gay rights at the moment, it’s so incongruous with everything they stand for!

      • I know, it makes no sense for them. The cynic in me thinks that they are going to “promise” this change for the next government, in the vain effort to gain some extra votes. In the off chance they win the next elections, they’ll probably “conveniently” forget what they promised. Or they are going to change it the last moment. And what the super conservative, super rich, super religious MPs will vote for gay marriage? What’s next, declaring themselves lefties?

  2. As a young gay man and a socialist I felt compelled to support Plaid Cymru in the recent local elections, especially with the election of Leanne Wood as the party leader – a woman I vastly admire. Unlike most parties Plaid has been towards the front of the queue when it comes to supporting gay rights; the Tories now want to vote on marriage as a ‘moral issue’ despite one of their MPs who recently said he believes in family values getting arrested for beating up his son! Labour are little better taking three years in power to overturn the gay military ban, then another three years to overturn section 28. The time has come to focus on progress – Plaid can do that under Leanne. Good luck to you both in your endeavours by the way.

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