Giving notice

We’re giving notice at the registry office tomorrow!!!
I’m so excited. I need to find something nice to wear and I’ll take a picture. Eee!

Edit: Awkward photos outside the registry office!






2 thoughts on “Giving notice

  1. I’ve just stumbled upon this blog and you two are supremely cute. How did you find giving notice? You look lovely and romantic outside. When we went, though, I felt like I was being grilled for an exam and treated like a child. It wasn’t until after we’d correctly answered the 20 questions about each other’s middle names that the registrar smiled and said anything like “congratulations”! I hope you had a better experience and I wish you all the luck for the rest of your plans. xxx

    • Ours was interesting. We did our interviews together which was a bit strange and forgot what county we were in. Apart from that everyone was nice! Thanks for your kind words =) Xx

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