Hopeful Etsy search

So I’ve done a few searches on Etsy for ideas for favours and come up with some good plans. Today I decided to search “lesbian wedding”. Let me tell you there are some horrific designs floating around out there. I’m officially vetoing anything with a rainbow flag on it.

Things like this are not quite to my taste:

However, I did find some interesting things. Well I found two things I actually liked. The first is this card. I think it’s a cool idea well done:

There’s also this bag which I find hilarious.

It won't be a charming marriage, I can't afford a carriage...

You’ll be disappointed to know that I can’t afford to buy everyone one of these and there are no rainbow flags on our invitations. Once I’m happy with the invitations I’ll upload them but for now, I leave you with beauty, the “lady friends” card:


One thought on “Hopeful Etsy search

  1. I love the “her and her” and the bag! Excited to see what you choose but will celebrate with something as simple as notebook paper and stick people 🙂

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