Gay Marriage – “A can of worms”

Oh it’s the same old Tories down in Westminster calling the rightful equality that would be gay marriage all sorts from an “old wound” to a “can of worms” topped off with a “nobody wants that”.

Erm actually, excuse me, some of us do want that? Have you been on the website to find out how to get a civil partnership? No of course you haven’t, but if you had, you’d know it’s a bloody nightmare!

The only thing Ellen and Portia are ruining is that wedding cake

I don’t know about you guys but I’m sick of gays. First they want to be allowed to be gay, then they want to be allowed to hold hands in public (but no snogging or you’ll get chucked out of the pub) and now they want bloody marriage.

Same old same old Tories.

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First purchase!

This is the first thing we’ve bought for our wedding. They are rubber stamps to make our invitations and thank you cards! I’m not happy with the design of the invitations yet. I’ll post them when I am, I’m just not there yet. They look a bit cheesy still. Plus Jenny and I have quite different taste when it comes to design. I am determined to finish it by next week though. 7 months isn’t bad notice is it?

Must remember to buy ink pads…